Robber with a hammer turns himself in

A man in his thirties from the United Kingdom has been sentenced to three years in Jail. The man robbed a Ladbrokes retail outlet store in Southampton with a hammer. He then turned himself into the police after feeling morally wrong about his actions.

This thirty year old accused is Michael Birch. Mr. Birch took it upon himself to bring a hammer into the retail store and then threatened the employees of the store with the hammer. He took money out of the gambling machines and this resulted in the store being shut down for the day. Birch ended up steeling over one thousand euro’s in cash by also telling the employee to open up the stores safe.

It isn’t clear as to if the defendant would have gotten away with his crime but eventually he began to feel guilty about the crime he just committed. In a 24 hour time period he turned himself into the authorities for the crimes he did commit. The lawyer for Michael Birch said that the robbery was to fuel the gambling addiction that Michael has had for years. This gambling addiction of Michael’s is said to have begun years ago after the ending of a long term relationship.

Birch was rewarded with a lower sentence due to the fact that he turned himself into the authorities. He will also be getting the help he needs to get rid of his gambling addiction. The store will also be refunded with the money he stole and damages made to the gambling machine.

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