Swedish Lottery to be launched by Cherry AB

The Swedish gambling firm, Cherry AB, just announced today that they have made a deal with Metro Nordic AB. That deal also includes the Swedish Alliance of Sports as well. These three different companies will join together to create a new lottery for Swedish Sports Clubs.

The lottery will be named Klubblo and the principle operator for this new lottery is Idrottsalliansen. There are twenty thousand sports clubs within Sweden and each one of these clubs will be able to benefit from this new lottery. Cherry AB will have the responsibility of having to develop and operate this new lottery whereas Nordic Sweden AB will be working on marketing and advertising this new lottery.

Commenting on this new deal the Chairman of Idrottsalliansen Lara Liljergen said, “The idea of the Klubblo is pretty simple. Since you can no longer bet on sports in the United Kingdom without being taxed a heavily on fee’s the Klubbo will allow for people from all around Sweden to make bets on their favorite sports. The organizations behind the sports will be a part of this lottery and everyone will get a piece of the profit”

The CEO of Cherry AB Emil Sunvisson also commented on this new lottery saying, “We are thrilled to have this opportunity to help create a sports betting experience for everyone in Sweden, we can only hope we live up to its hype. This is a unique project being undertaken from these companies. It will result in Sweden gamblers being able to bet on their favorite sports once again.

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