Malaysian Province Wants Harsher Rules On Cafe Gambling

The Malaysian Province of Selangor wants the law enforcement authorities to make Cyber Cafe Gambling laws more strict and harsh. This is so that they may combat illegal online gambling activity which has been raising in the last couple of years. The hope is that by having harsher rules less people won’t try to gamble illegally and that when someone is convicted the results of their punishment will be so harsh that people would fear to gamble online illegally.

Datuk Teng Chang Khim announced that his province wants to give authorities to ability to confiscate all equipment for life during any raid that takes place. This means the illegal gambling ring couldn’t get back their equipment which would mean that they couldn’t start up their illegal gambling ring again, if they did it’d take them months while authorities would be watching their every move.

Additionally this proposed law would mean that cyber cafes within the province would have to instally two different programs that would monitor for any illegal online gambling activity. This would make gambling illegally nearly impossible at a Cyber Cafe. This will give the Selangor province exactly what it wants, a safer online gambling experience.

Illegal online gambling has been taking place within these Cyber Cafes for years now, numerous amounts of raids have been initiated by the authorities. These new laws will give the province of Selangor the opportunity to bring down their crime rate and it’d allow for less citizens to be robbed while gambling online.

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