Mega Fortune Jackpot Triggered, €2,626,790 Won

Net Entertainment famous Mega Fortune slot machine has given dozens of online players with huge jackpot wins that have forever changed their lives. This month one lucky punter was able to trigger a €2,626,790.

Details on the win have yet to be released by Net Entertainment or the winner of the jackpot. We do know that the jackpot was triggered on December 13th, 2012. When more information is released on the win will update you on all the major events that took place on that day.
The sum of €2,626,790 is considered to be a smaller win then normal for this slot machine.

This is the second time the Mega Fortune jackpot was triggered with a seven week period of time, normally the jackpot won’t trigger for fourteen weeks. Meaning the €2,626,790 jackpot this lucky punter won didn’t have enough time to grow.

Mega Fortune is developed by Net Entertainment, a Swedish online gambling firm. This slot holds the largest jackpot to ever be triggered for an online slot machine. Earlier this year one player was able to trigger a €17,860,868. Mega Fortune will continue to provide players with life changing jackpot wins and if you’re looking for a slot like this then there is no better than Mega Fortune.

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