Pennsylvania Citizens do not want Online Gambling Criminalized

An online poll was conducted with 500 Pennsylvania citizens and the majority of those who were interviewed on the poll said that they don’t want online gambling to be criminalized within their state or the USA. This poll shows that that new bill which is being introduced by a Pennsylvania state official will most likely be declined as the citizens are the most important thing for the governor of Pennsylvania.

Mario Scavello, the Pennsylvania state representative is the state official who is introducing a bill that would criminalize any form of online gambling within their state. Those who gambled online after this bill is potentially legalized will be faced with a misdemeanor charge that could make online punters have jail time.

The poll was made by an online poker information site called Online Poker Report. The poll asked their viewers one simple question that read: “Marc Scavello wants to make online poker and online gambling a crime which is punishable by jail time. Do you oppose or support his position?
Over 82% of those who voted on the poll said no while the other 17% said yes. It will be interesting to see if more polls come out online due to this one. It will help see if the vast majority of citizens in the state want online gambling to be legalized or criminalized.

Whatever the cost may be the majority of true online gamblers will gamble online regardless of jail time or not. We suspect that this bill will be thrown out the courts and that eventually one day online gambling will be legalized within Pennsylvania.

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