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12 Online Casinos Blocked By Kazakhstan Officials

A court hearing in Uralsk Region, Kazakhstan announced that they have ruled that twelve online casinos will continue to remain shut down after the Kazakhstan National Police ended their operations last year.

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When this information for came to light to the public, no one knew as to why these websites were blocked in Kazakhstan. We now know that these websites blocked were involved in serious criminal activities that ranged from money laundering to drug dealing. These websites used the money they earned through money laundering to purchase large amount of drugs and then resell them at a higher price to the black market. Once Kazakhstan officials found out about these criminal actions they blocked each one of them.

The former Soviet Union State has noted that any other casinos that operate such as these websites have will also be blocked in a matter of days. The Law Enforcement in Kazakhstan are taking a strict approach towards illegal online gambling so that they may banish all forms of it from their country. This in return would allow for Kazakhstan to regulate and legalize online gambling in their country. Unfortunately this region of the world has a large amount of illegal gambling operators hidden behind legal companies, this is why it is so much harder to block all the illegal casinos on their internet.

Kazakhstan National Police have yet to make a comment pertaining towards these twelve online casinos being blocked and we still have no clue as to which online casinos were blocked. As always we will update you on any information that is released relating towards the future of the Kazakhstan Gambling Industry.

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