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PAF’s Big Business Jackpot Taken, Punter Wins €208,545

Last Saturday was a wonderful end to the month of March for one special player when they triggered a jackpot at PAF Casino. This punter was playing Big Business, a video slot offered at the casino when he triggered a jackpot worth €208,545.

This marks the first time that the Big Business jackpot has been triggered at any online casino. Big Business has been on the market for two years, thus by allowing for it to grow to the large amount that this punter triggered. The game boasts a variety of features which includes free spins and bonus rounds. This game is exclusive to PAF Casino as PAF creates their own casino games.

PAF took to the public making a statement saying, “It is incredible to see that the Big Business jackpot has finally been triggered. Throughout the course of two years we have been watching the jackpot for Big Business grow to a large amount. The casino has been looking forward to the day that we would be able to reward this large amount of money to one of our punters.”

PAF continues in the statement saying, “This person who triggered the jackpot has openly said to us that he will use the money he has earned towards charities of his liking. He has been able to have a fortunate life and have a good job. This money that he has won won’t affect how he lives his life and so that is why he is using the money he has won towards charities.”

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