Punter Takes Massive Gold Rally Jackpot

A punter spinning the reels on Gold Rally was able to win a massive jackpot on the video slot. This punter was betting $1.50 per spin when he triggered a jackpot worth $582,542. This marks the thirty second time that a progressive jackpot has been won on this Playtech developed video slot.

There hasn’t been a large amount of details released relating towards this jackpot win. We do know that the win took place earlier on this Saturday but we don’t know where the jackpot took place or what the punter plans on doing with the money he has won.

This is the 32nd time that a progressive jackpot has been taken at Gold Rally. It falls short of the largest jackpot won at the slot which is $940,576 but none the less this is an impressive amount of money to be won for any punter.

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Playtech made a short statement regarding the win saying, “Gold Rally has been able to stand as one of our more popular casino games for the better part of five years. We are shocked to see that this game still remains as popular as it did when it was first released. It goes to show that it doesn’t matter about the graphics but only about the gameplay offered in the slot. We don’t know what the punter plans on doing with their money, she has wished to remain hidden from the public eye in order to stop any potential issues from occurring.”

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