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Mobile Fast Fold Poker Added To Bovada

Bovada, an online gambling site licensed by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission announced today that they’ve added their beloved fast fold poker product onto their mobile platforms. This will allow for punters at Bovada to play the fast fold poker platform on the go, you could be on the subway to work or you could be on your couch at home. It doesn’t matter as you will still be able to play this mobile platform.

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This fast fold poker platform has been named Zone Poker. The mobile fast fold poker product is currently available for all iOS Devices and all Android Devices, it doesn’t matter which version of the Android or iOS software you are running. Currently you can enjoy a variety of different poker games through the mobile poker product which include Omaha, Texas Hold’em and Omaha Hi/Lo.

There is a massive different between the PC variant of Zone Poker and the mobile version of Zone Poker. With the PC Variant of this poker platform you can play multiple poker games at once but with the limited technology of mobile phones you can only play one table at a time through the mobile platform. This is a small negative that doesn’t even come close to outweighing the positives.

Bovada made this announcement through their website, making a statement saying: “Our mobile fast fold poker product is now available to our mobile punters. We’ve customized the experience in order to create something that no mobile punter has ever seen before. You can play Zone Poker on your mobile devices right now.”

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