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Portugal Once Again debating Online Gambling

Portugal, a country located within the European Union revealed today that they are once again gearing up to re-debate a potential online gambling industry. It was only three months ago that Portugal had two separate bills in office that would allow for an online gambling industry to be regulated and licensed.

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Unfortunately politicians in Portugal threw these bills right out of office which meant that a potential online gambling industry in Portugal wasn’t in the cards. Luckily for online punters the recession which has affected the entire globe is effecting Portugal harder than it was three months ago. This had lead to Portuguese Politicians debating if an online gambling industry should be regulated in Portugal. They will begin these discussions on July 10th, 2014.

This revelation of information came to light after the Portuguese Ministry of Economics announced it while being asked by reporters about the future of online gambling in Portugal. The Minister revealed that they have already completed a draft that’ll inform politicians everything that is needed in order to operate a regulated online gambling market. Previously when the Minister made drafts such as these in the past they we’re declined, the Minister has confidence that this time around they’ll be accepted and possibly but into law.

Those who have knowledge in the Portugal Courts have claimed that the bill is receiving a lot of support from politicians and citizens. It is clear that Portugal is ready for a regulated and licensed online gambling market.

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