Gladiator Jackpot worth $630,260 Won

Gladiator continues to remain after all of these years one of the most popular slots that is found at Playtech casinos. Playtech has been open about the games success being due to the franchise and its success. For those of you who don’t know back in 2000, Russell Crowe alongside some of his Hollywood brethren made a movie called Gladiator. The movie took place back in ancient times where Cesar was controlling all of Greece, Rome and nearly Europe. Both Cesar and Russell Crowe’s Gladiator do battle which results in the death of Cesar.

gladiator logo

The movie won Oscars, Academy Awards and more. It was only a matter of time before a video slot was designed around this movie. Regardless thanks to this movie one fortunate punter was able to win $630,260 while spinning the reels on Gladiator. Playtech hasn’t revealed many of the details relating to this when except for that the winning punter was wagering $3.20 per spin when he triggered this jackpot.

This is a considerably smaller jackpot then what is normally paid out through this slot. Normally this slot will pay out more than a million dollars which each progressive jackpot win. Unfortunately for this punter this time the jackpot was triggered in-between a four week period of time. This means that the jackpot couldn’t grow to its normal amount which in return results in a lower jackpot win for the winning punter. Depositing money at any Playtech based casino will allow for you to play Gladiator.

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