Nevada Takes Step Forward Towards Online Poker

The Nevada Gaming Control Board revealed this month that they have approved the first online poker application applied for earlier on in the year. This means that an online poker network will be making its way to the state of Nevada, though Nevada isn’t the first to offer online poker they will more than likely offer the largest online poker network in the United States of America. You will be able to experience 888 Holdings online poker network at a variety of online casinos operating within the borders of Nevada.

Nevada Gaming Control Board

This 888 Holdings power poker platform would work in a variety of different ways. First the poker network would be spread out amongst various online operators in Nevada, the poker platform has been designed for high betting punters and players will be playing against other players from other casinos. This in return will allow for you to have a better gambling experience while playing this online poker platform. There is also the potential for this poker platform to go State Wide. Delaware currently offers their own online poker network and New Jersey is well on their way to doing the same. This means that 888 Holdings could offer their platform at each one of these states, allowing for players to play against other punters from around the nation.

We will update you on the future of Nevada’s online poker network, The Nevada Gambling Commission will have to approve the application and then 888 Holdings will be able to offer their poker platform.

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