Veikkaus Posts Financials

Veikkaus Oy is one hundred percent owned by the Finnish Government and they have a legal license to offer all kinds of different gambling experiences to the people of Finland. The two main gambling services they offer is lottery tickets and sports betting. Veikkaus also offers a variety of other gambling services to their citizens but those services aren’t nearly as popular as their lottery and sports betting gambling services.


Veikkaus recently posted their financial results for the first quarter of 2014. Since 1940 Veikkaus has continued to earn more profits with each passing year and 2014 has shown no different. They had an increase in profits of 6.7% earning an extra 12.3 Million Euro’s for this year’s first quarter.

Juha Koponen, the CEO of Veikkaus Oy stated the following regarding their profit increases saying, “It’s an honor to know that throughout the last seventy four years our citizens have continued to invest to our company. We don’t take this lightly which is why we provide donations to various education funds, medical funds and more. We can only hope that for the rest of the time that we operate as a lottery & sports betting gambling firm we will continue to rise in profits. This doesn’t just benefit ourselves or the Finland government. It also benefits our citizens which is why I’m personally a part of this massive company.”

Veikkaus has never entered the online gambling market and it’s doubtful they ever will. Next time you’re Finland you will be able to buy one of their lottery tickets and potentially win.

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