Dollar Ball Jackpot

A privileged punter was able to trigger the Dollar Ball Jackpot while playing Geisha Story. This lucky player is the fifty first punter to trigger this progressive jackpot, winning a total of $103,017. It’s been three weeks since the last time this progressive was triggered, showing that this slot can gain a large progressive jackpot pool in a matter of a few weeks.

Geisha Story

There hasn’t been many details released regarding who triggered this jackpot or where this jackpot was won. What we do know is that this progressive win is larger than the normal amount won through this slot which is $64,786. In order for players to trigger this jackpot they must have the same five numbers as the jackpot, those numbers are randomly given to you with each new spin you make. This is a simple but effective way for a progressive, it allows everything to be fair and equal.

Geisha Story is one of the few slots which offer the Dollar Ball Progressive, since the dollar ball progressive is a network progressive it can be played on multiple slots. This is one of the best slots in which you can access this progressive, offering multiple features and an incredible experience you can have fun while playing this slot and potentially win the progressive.

Those wishing to play this slot or take their chances with the Dollar Ball Progressive Jackpot can do so by signing up an account with one of the online casinos which offer the Playtech software. Playtech offers multiple network jackpots and the dollar ball network progressive won’t disappoint.

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