Betfair Signs Deal With Leander

Leander Games will continue to make headway as a software developer as today it was revealed that they are being taken on by one of the largest online casinos in the European Union. Betfair revealed that they’ve finalized a content supply deal with Leander Games, this deal will see all of the games loaded onto the cyber casino known as Betfair. This will prove to be a positive deal for both parties at Betfair punters will gain new gambling experiences and Leander Games will grow as a software developer in the online gambling market.


Video slots such as Zombie Rush, Dolly, Secrets of the Tomb, Little Red, Megadeth, Dragon Slot & many more will now become available to punters at Betfair. This deal also includes a protocol that requires Leander Games to provide all of their new slots to Betfair for the foreseeable future, there is no word as of right now as to when this content supply deal will run its course. Punters will also be able to enjoy all of the table games offered by Leander Games. This also proves to be a positive aspect of this deal as a large portion of Betfairs punters prefer table games over video slots.

2014 has become a busy year for Leander Games. They went from being known as a small developer in the market to now being a force that rivals large software developers in the marker. Earlier on this year they signed a deal with Intertain Casino & Paddy Power, now with the announcement that Betfair has taken them on it has allowed them to become even more of a serious force in the market.

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