Computers Destroyed

During the course of the last two years Malaysian Authorities have been actively been taking down various illegal gambling operations in their country. Malaysia is considered to be a hotspot for illegal gambling operators and the Malaysian Government has been taking major action against it, some would even consider it a war without the mass amount of death. During the last six months there have been dozens upon dozens of different raids across the country.


Today is was revealed that police in Malaysia have now destroyed a total of 786 Gambling Computers & has completely obliterated illegal online gambling in the Penang District.
This is major news as for the longest time it has only been small stories of the police taking down a couple illegal gambling operators at a time. Seeing that the hard work they’ve put in during the course of the last six months proves to be fruitful. They also announced that through the destruction of these 786 Gambling Computers they were able to find another 800 hundred that are now subjects to be destroyed as well by the courts.

Before these new eight hundred computers are destroyed the authorities will first go through the hard drives in order to find any other hidden locations of illegal gambling operations in Malaysia. The destruction of the Penang District has now spread word to the various operators that this isn’t a joke & some are fleeing according to the Malaysian Government. We shall keep you updated on all the new information released regarding the fight against illegal online gambling in Malaysia, for now it seems that a brighter day is on the horizon for this country.

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