NYX & PlanetWin365 Enter Content Agreement

NYX Gaming, one of the largest betting firms globally has been making a series of announcements this month. The most recent being that they’ve entered into a content agreement deal with PlanetWin365. As of right now this deal will have all of the poker and casino related games ported over to this casino within the upcoming deals.


This new deal is good for the next upcoming five years, until 2020 PlanetWin365 will have one of the top poker platforms available around the world. Unfortunately there is no word as to how much PlanetWin had to pay in order to enter this agreement. The fourth quarter of the year which is upcoming will determine as to how popular this platform is with PlanetWin365 punters for the owners of this casino. This isn’t the only thing that NYX Gaming has been up to, this month alone they’ve announced multiple content agreement deals and also announced that they bought an eGaming Consultant as well as another betting firm. It’s clear that NYX Gaming is doing everything in their power in order to uphold their status as one of the leading operators in the market. NYX Gaming predicts their most profitable first quarter in their years of operating within 2016.

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