Computers Destroyed

During the course of the last two years Malaysian Authorities have been actively been taking down various illegal gambling operations in their country. Malaysia is considered to be a hotspot for illegal gambling operators and the Malaysian Government has been taking major action against it, some would even consider it a war without the mass amount of death. During the last six months there have been dozens upon dozens of different raids across the country.


Today is was revealed that police in Malaysia have now destroyed a total of 786 Gambling Computers & has completely obliterated illegal online gambling in the Penang District.
This is major news as for the longest time it has only been small stories of the police taking down a couple illegal gambling operators at a time. Seeing that the hard work they’ve put in during the course of the last six months proves to be fruitful. They also announced that through the destruction of these 786 Gambling Computers they were able to find another 800 hundred that are now subjects to be destroyed as well by the courts.

Before these new eight hundred computers are destroyed the authorities will first go through the hard drives in order to find any other hidden locations of illegal gambling operations in Malaysia. The destruction of the Penang District has now spread word to the various operators that this isn’t a joke & some are fleeing according to the Malaysian Government. We shall keep you updated on all the new information released regarding the fight against illegal online gambling in Malaysia, for now it seems that a brighter day is on the horizon for this country.

Betfair Signs Deal With Leander

Leander Games will continue to make headway as a software developer as today it was revealed that they are being taken on by one of the largest online casinos in the European Union. Betfair revealed that they’ve finalized a content supply deal with Leander Games, this deal will see all of the games loaded onto the cyber casino known as Betfair. This will prove to be a positive deal for both parties at Betfair punters will gain new gambling experiences and Leander Games will grow as a software developer in the online gambling market.


Video slots such as Zombie Rush, Dolly, Secrets of the Tomb, Little Red, Megadeth, Dragon Slot & many more will now become available to punters at Betfair. This deal also includes a protocol that requires Leander Games to provide all of their new slots to Betfair for the foreseeable future, there is no word as of right now as to when this content supply deal will run its course. Punters will also be able to enjoy all of the table games offered by Leander Games. This also proves to be a positive aspect of this deal as a large portion of Betfairs punters prefer table games over video slots.

2014 has become a busy year for Leander Games. They went from being known as a small developer in the market to now being a force that rivals large software developers in the marker. Earlier on this year they signed a deal with Intertain Casino & Paddy Power, now with the announcement that Betfair has taken them on it has allowed them to become even more of a serious force in the market.

BetSoft & SoftSwiss

BetSoft has entered one of the more unique content deals seen for a highly esteemed software developer. Two days ago it was revealed that BetSoft Gaming has entered a content deal with SoftSwiss, a Bitcoin Casino Group which only offers Bitcoins as a method of depositing and payment withdraws. Bitcoins can be sold for real money but none the less it still isn’t the same as real cash money.

betsoft logo

This new deal will see all of BetSoft’s games ported over to the online casinos operated by SoftSwiss. Those online casinos include Bit Stars, Bitcoin Penguin, Betchain & Princess Star. Players of these online casinos can expect to experience all of the 3D Slots developed by BetSoft Gaming and you can enjoy the i-Gaming 3 Slot Series as well. This will give punters plenty of video slots to choose from, all of these games will be available for mobile play as well.

BetSoft hasn’t given any explanation as to why they have entered this content deal. We do know that SoftSwiss is pleased with this deal saying that BetSoft Gaming developers the standard for online gambling and that having their platform available on their online casinos is an honor. Those wishing to play under any of the four online casinos operated by SoftSwiss will be able to do so by signing up an account with them, you also will be required to have a large amount of Bitcoins available as your disposal. Regardless now that they offer the BetSoft Platform you can expect an astonishing gambling experience from the SoftSwiss owned online casinos.

You can read about all the slot games that Betsoft offers at You will also find where best to play Betsoft slots. Visit today!

Dollar Ball Jackpot

A privileged punter was able to trigger the Dollar Ball Jackpot while playing Geisha Story. This lucky player is the fifty first punter to trigger this progressive jackpot, winning a total of $103,017. It’s been three weeks since the last time this progressive was triggered, showing that this slot can gain a large progressive jackpot pool in a matter of a few weeks.

Geisha Story

There hasn’t been many details released regarding who triggered this jackpot or where this jackpot was won. What we do know is that this progressive win is larger than the normal amount won through this slot which is $64,786. In order for players to trigger this jackpot they must have the same five numbers as the jackpot, those numbers are randomly given to you with each new spin you make. This is a simple but effective way for a progressive, it allows everything to be fair and equal.

Geisha Story is one of the few slots which offer the Dollar Ball Progressive, since the dollar ball progressive is a network progressive it can be played on multiple slots. This is one of the best slots in which you can access this progressive, offering multiple features and an incredible experience you can have fun while playing this slot and potentially win the progressive.

Those wishing to play this slot or take their chances with the Dollar Ball Progressive Jackpot can do so by signing up an account with one of the online casinos which offer the Playtech software. Playtech offers multiple network jackpots and the dollar ball network progressive won’t disappoint.

WinerGame Limited License Suspended

WinerGame is an online gambling operator that has a small but loyal fan base that they’ve gained throughout the years. They are licensed by the Lotteries & Gaming Authority of Malta but unfortunately their license has been suspended, effecting their extremely loyal crowd of punters.


The details as to why the Lotteries & Gaming Authority of Malta choose to suspend the WinerGame’s license is unknown as of right now. No information has been disclosed but the firms suspension doesn’t mean that they can’t accept new players or have players make deposits. It just means that things will be more strict and difficult as of right now. Punters will have to wait a longer period of time to receive their funds but customer service will still be active if you have any questions regarding your withdrawal. Regardless something has gone on with WinerGame, it’ll be interesting to find out what exactly caused them to have their license suspended.

Those who has been impacted by this suspension has been urged to email the Lotteries & Gaming Authority of Malta at That email address will allow for your voices and opinions to be heard. We will work hard to find more information regarding this matter, once that information is released we will inform you.

Those who wish to play at WinerGame can do so, all you must do is register with the casino with an active credit card or payment method. Make a deposit, choose a game and start your gaming experience.